Vector Rose 3.0 for MacOS

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Calculate circular-normal statistics including Watson's two-sample test, and create rose diagrams and flight-bearing diagrams.

Vector Rose 3.0 is an orientation analysis application that calculates circular-normal statistics and plots a circular histogram, linear histogram or class frequencies for any set of angular data, or any data with a circular normal distribution. 

Statistics include: 
  • number of observations
  • maximum class frequency
  • maximum class frequency by %
  • class mode
  • azimuth of resultant vector
  • standard angular deviation
  • mean resultant length or polar coordinate distance from origin
  • vector magnitude or length of the resultant vector
  • consistency ratio or % of normalized magnitude of resultant vector
  • Rayleigh test
  • F-test
  • Watson's two-sample nonparametric test
  • Version 3.0: New features!
    Watson's two-sample nonparametric test statistic is now available as part of the Vector Rose application at no additional cost. 
    This statistic tests if two sets of angular data are from the same parent population. 
    Simultaneous multiple views of data displays 
    Linear histogram of data 
    Additional class intervals (all possible even subdivisions of 360) 
    Variable fill color 
    Variable fill pattern 
    Improved control over diagram options 
    Improved diagram quality 
    Interactive angular readings from mouse position 

    The program features unidirectional or bidirectional circular (rose or flight-bearing) histograms, with the diagrams scaled relative to maximum class frequency (length or equal area), or scaled relative to 100%. Class interval limits are provided for all divisions evenly divisible into 360, from 1 to 180 degrees. The axis scale may be represented as concentric circles or as a vertical line with tick marks. The position of North or 0 degrees can be rotated to any desired position. 
    Data can be entered by reading text files (Excel, Word, SimpleTEXT, etc.). All data is error checked. 

    Vector Rose 3.0 diagrams can be saved as MacDraw PICT documents. Graphical output is represented as the traditional rose diagram with arcs, or as a unit circle with a scaled resultant vector inside and observations plotted outside (see graphics below). Once in a draw-type application, all elements of the rose diagram are completely editable. Diagrams can be re-sized or graphically enhanced by pasting the image into any application that accepts graphics, even Microsoft Word! 
    Plotting rose diagrams by hand can be tedious and very time consuming. If you need to display your data as a rose diagram or flight-bearing diagram, Vector Rose 3.0 will generate good looking diagrams and statistics in a small fraction of the time that it would take to calculate the statistics and draft the diagram by hand. 

    System requirements: Any Macintosh. System 7.x and MacOS-8 & 9.
    Requires Classic to run in Mac OSX.

    Price: $150 US; upgrade price from any previous version: $75.

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    Arc-interval rose diagrams, or Unit vector flight-bearing diagrams.

    More examples of Flight-bearing diagrams .

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