StratChart 1.7

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Create multi-column stratigraphic charts from tab-delimited text spreadsheet data.

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1) Use StratChart 1.7 to create single or multi-column stratigraphic charts (from text files).
2) Create several charts at the same scale (save as a PICT file or copy to the clipboard).
3) Assemble the charts side-by-side in a graphics application, such as Canvas or ClarisDraw, etc.

Open a tab-delimited ASCII TEXT file that contains the stratigraphic information.
The column specifications must be organized into a file with at least 3 columns as follows:

Name (text)[tab]top(number)[tab]base(number)¶

1) The first column must contain names or text to print in the box.
2) The second column must contain the top location of the box.
3) The third column must contain the base of the box.
4) Save results to a file, or copy to the clipboard and paste into a montage.
Data output is formatted as PICT.

Create stratigraphic columns from tab-delimited text data.
Edit and save stratigraphic columns as tab-delimited text data.

•Multi-column fast drafting of charts
•Import intervals and horizons from Ragware data files
•Continuously variable scale
•Major and minor scale tick marks
•Interactive measurement with mouse
•Zoom-in, crop & zoom-in, zoom-out
•Auto-coloring, or coded color
•Variable box width
•Variable font and font size
•Select from all available fonts
•Save preferences (remember all settings for making standard charts)
•Full keyboard scrolling: Home, End, Page Up, Page Down,
  and the 4 directional arrow keys will all function to scroll the chart in the implied directions.

Use SequenceStratColumn 1.0 to generate sea level curves.

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