ShawPlot 2 for Mac OSX Intel & PPC Macs

©1996-2010 Pierre A. Zippi. All rights reserved.

Graphic correlation of event data from 2 sections

ShawPlot 2 plots X-Y graphic correlation and straight well to well correlation of common events from 2 wells.
Diagrams may be saved as PICT files for inclusion into larger montages.

Open a tab-delimited ASCII TEXT file that contains the data.
The data must be organized into at least two columns as follows:

Individual event files:

Files with combined events from 2 sections:

1) The first column must contain the event name or taxa ID labels.
2) Events should be positive values (depths, ranks, etc.).

Use WellPlot 4 for Max OS X to generate event data.
Use RC-RASC 1.0 to generate a scaled optimum sequence of events from multiple sections.
Use the scaled optimum sequence as a reference section in ShawPlot.

• Open 2 individual files containing event data to find and plot the events common to both wells.
• Save data to a spreadsheet that contains events for both sections.
• Plot data from a spreadsheet that contains events for both sections.
• Each data file may have up to 3000 events (limit may be increased on request).

• Find and cross-plot events common to any 2 sections (ShawPlot).
• Find and correlate events common to any 2 sections (Well2Well).
• Toggle between ShawPlot and Well2Well views.
• Auto-rescaling of chart by re-sizing window
• Variable symbol size
• Variable font and font size
• Select from all available fonts
• Reverse direction of X-axis
• Draw line of correlation-LOC
  -hold shift key down and click end points for each line segment of the LOC
• Undo LOC line segments with Undo or Clear entire LOC with Clear (Edit menu)
• Set new minimum axis values
  -click or drag mouse with option key down
• Re-set minimum axis values to data range
  -select Reset Min values from Options menu
• Interactive display of coordinates
  -hold mouse button down and x-y  coordinates will display in upper left of screen

Save charts as PICT file (or copy to clipboard):
• PICT is compatible with nearly every Macintosh application and Windows application.
• Charts are fully editable with any drawing application.
• Elements of the chart are grouped for easy editing with graphics applications.
• Easily create montages in Intaglio or your favorite PICT editing graphics application.

Save common FAD and LAD events:

Data input:
ShawPlot 2 reads events from tab-delimited ASCII spreadsheets.

Data acquisition:
Use WellPlot 4 for Mac OS X to find FAD and LAD events and error ranges from spreadsheets of occurrence data.

System requirements: Mac OSX and PPC or Intel Macintosh computer.

Price: $150 US.

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7518 Twin Oaks Court
Garland, Texas 75044


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