SequenceStratColumn 1.0

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Create stratigraphic charts from tab-delimited text spreadsheet data.

1) Use SequenceStratColumn 1.0 to create individual sequence stratigraphic columns (from text files).
2) Create several columns at the same scale (save as a PICT file or copy to the clipboard).
3) Assemble the columns side-by-side in a graphics application such as Canvas or ClarisDraw.

Open a tab-delimited ASCII TEXT file that contains the stratigraphic information.

The column specifications must be organized into a file exactly as follows:


name= sequence name. The first column must contain a sequence name.
Names need not be displayed. If your data does not have names,
then fill sequential numbers in the first column of the spreadsheet as substitute names.
top= sequence top (millions of years)
base= sequence base (millions of years)
xmax= maximum landward extent at sequence top (%; seaward=0; max landward=100)
xmin= minimum landward extent at sequence base (%; seaward=0; max landward=100)
concenter= condensed section time of maximum flooding (also controls point of inflection)
contop= top age of condensed section seaward
conbase= base age of condensed section seaward
type= sequence boundary type (0-3)
Save results to a file, or copy to the clipboard and paste into a montage.
Data output is formatted as PICT.

Create stratigraphic columns from tab-delimited text data.


  • Continuously variable scale
  • Major and minor scale tick marks
  • Interactive measurement with mouse
  • Interactive data editing
  • Variable box width
  • Variable font and font size
  • Select from all available fonts



    Use StratChart 1.7 to generate chronostratigraphic or lithostratigraphic columns.

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