RC-RASC 1.02 (was Optimum Sequence Ranking 1.0)

©1990-1999 Pierre A. Zippi. All rights reserved.

Finds the optimum scaled sequence of events from multiple files of taxa events.
Open multiple tab-delimited ASCII TEXT files that contain the taxa names (event names) and event data. A new optimum sequence of events is calculated each time a file is added. 

The event data must be organized into a file with at least two columns as follows: 
Taxa name[tab]event (depth or rank)
1) The first column must contain taxa names, event names or id numbers. 
2) The second column must contain event data.
    This must be a number, depth or sequential rank measure. 
3) The taxa names must match exactly the events to be assigned to the same taxa.
    The taxa name is used to make a unique identification. Spelling must be exact. 
4) Several text filters allow for stripping control characters,
     extraneous spaces and matching different cases. 
5) Save results to a file (or copy to the clipboard): 
The optimum sequence is formatted as: 
Taxa name[tab]rank ratio[tab]occurrences
Or save scores for an on-going project as: 
Well list (of wells included so far, followed by) 
Taxa name[tab]Sum(HTS)[tab]Sum(LTS)[tab]number of occurrences

The optimum sequence is defined when the taxa are sorted by the rank ratio. 


  • Finds the optimum sequence of events from multiple event data files.
  • Optimum sequence may contain up to 5000 events (may request free increase).
  • No limit on individual event data sources (wells, out crops, etc.)




  • Match case (Upper, Proper or as entered)
  • Strip control characters
  • Strip extra spaces, leading and trailing spaces
  • Display with variable font and font size
  • Select from all available fonts

  • Use WellPlot 2.0 to automatically create events from abundance or presence/absence data. 

    System requirements: Any Macintosh.
    Price: Non-profit: $250 US, if purchased separately; $175 US with purchase of WellPlot 2.0 software package.
    For-profit price: $1000; $750 with purchase of WellPlot 2.0 software package.

    Sample output from an example with 5 wells and an occurrence cut-off of 3 wells.

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