MiniCounter 1.0

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Uses the computer keyboard and mouse like a mechanical button counter.

MiniCounter 1.0 is a small, limited version of Counter 3.0.
MiniCounter tracks only 10 categories in one sample, Counter 3.0 will track up to 250 categories (the column limit in Excel spreadsheets). 
See Counter 3.0 if you need more than 10 columns. 

MiniCounter 1.0 uses the Macintosh keyboard and mouse to emulate an laboratory mechanical point counter. Count data is saved as a tab-delimited text file with sample names occupying the first column, categories (species names) in the first row and count data in the intersecting matrix of cells. The data file may be opened with any spreadsheet, word processor, statistics or plotting application. Text files are easily transferred from Mac to DOS. MiniCounter features an unlimited number of counts and automatic totaling. Each time you click a button or type a key, MiniCounter tallies a count for that category and speaks the category name (System 7.5 required for speech). An audible "click" sound is produced each time a count is tallied, and a distinct "alert" tone is generated each time the total tally reaches a multiple of the alert interval. Errors may be subtracted from any category tally and the total, simply, by switching to the subtract mode. A distinct "subtract" sound is produced to audibly indicate the subtraction. The counter is automatically reset after a record is saved. A multiple clicking sound is generated to indicate the resetting action. 

Price: $50 US retail, if purchased separately. Included with WellPlot 2.0 software package.

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