Measure 2.0

©1993-1998 Pierre A. Zippi. All rights reserved.

On screen measurement and scales.
Measure uses the position of the mouse cursor to measure any image displayed on the computer screen. Any scale of measurement may be defined. Measurements are displayed in a small relocatable window, so that the cursor may be used to measure images on video displays. 

Measure is extremely easy to operate. Enter a scale factor, set a point of origin, and the measurement window will continuously display the distance to the current cursor location in the specified units. The angle from the set point of origin and the current cursor position is also displayed, so the vector between the two locations is the angle and the distance. The circular area, circumference and square area are calculated and displayed. 

Vertical or horizontal graduated scales (rulers) or scale bars may be displayed for any defined scale and unit of measurement - from micrometers to miles. The customized scales may be copied from Measure and pasted into any image or diagram document. All the components of the scale are editable in a draw-type application (ClarisDraw, Illustrator, Canvas, etc.). 

DigitizePICT 1.0 allows image shapes to be digitized into numerical data that can be statistically analyzed. 

System requirements: Any Macintosh.

Price: $75 US retail


  • Interactive on screen measurement
  • -x and y distance from origin
  • -length of line from origin
  • -angle from origin
  • -Area of the circle defined by the measured radius
  • -Circumference of the circle defined by the measured radius
  • -Area of the square defined by the measured side
  • Variable scales
  • Scale calculator
  • Variable major tick marks and labels
  • Variable minor ticks
  • Label measurement units
  • Vertical or horizontal scales
  • Scales or scale bars
  • Variable font and font size
  • Select from all available fonts
  • Contact author for custom measuring functions.

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