LogPlot 5 for Mac OS X (Intel & PPC Macs)

©1988-2009 Pierre A. Zippi. All rights reserved.

Plot curves (e-logs) against depth

LogPlot 5 plots up to 10 columns (logs) against a common depth. Data is read directly from ASCII text data (spreadsheets) or extracted from LAS files. Plot types include: x-y points, x-y line plots (log style), bar charts (log style), max-min, and cumulative plots. The Y-axis (depth) can be scaled to meters or feet. The X-axis can be normal (arithmetic), reverved or LOG scale. X-values can be plotted in assigned tracks, and interpreted with color filled intervals. The charts can be scaled to any horizontal and vertical dimension. See the small example chart in JPG format with 7 curves in 3 tracks. The chart may be copied or saved as a vector PICT file that can be edited with Intaglio, Illustrator or any other vector graphics application. Multiple charts can be assembleld into a montage in any graphics application.
LAS data files may be converted using LAS-DataSampler (included). 

Auto-interpret lithology option.
• Set up to 4 user defined lithology types.
• Multi-curve lithology interpretation.
• Edit curve data interactively with mouse!
• Merge curves (merge logging runs).
• Edit depth (auto meter-feet conversion).
• Fast data loading! Faster than Excel!

• Plot all curves in a single track or side-by-side
• Place curves in any track, in any order
• Independent scale selection for each curve 
• Independent plot type and attributes 
• Save style sheets for multi-track plots
• Cross-plot curves
• Plot discriminant results in track next to logs
• Environmental borehole corrections

Diagrams may be saved as a PICT files for inclusion into larger montages with range charts from WellPlot and tadpole plots from Dipmeter.

Easy operation
Open a tab-delimited ASCII TEXT file that contains the data.
The data must be organized into at least two columns as follows: 


The first column must contain the Y-axis values. Depth should be positive values. 
Up to 10 X data columns (curves) may be plotted. 
Multiple plots may be montaged with any graphic application 

If the original data file is too large to be opened or parsed with Excel, etc., then use LAS-DataSampler (included) to convert and sample the original the LAS or ASCII file at specified intervals and create a smaller, more manageable data file. LAS-DataSampler was developed so that desktop computers can read and plot geological e-log data at normal scales of presentation. 


  • Plot up to 10 columns of data in a single track or in side-by-side tracks.
  • Numerous features enhance stratigraphic analysis of data.
  • Reads data directly from ASCII text spreadsheets.
  • Data loading algorithm loads big data sets lightning fast!
  • Multi-curve lithology interpretation.
  • Edit curve data directly - interactively with mouse!
  • Merge curves (merge logging runs).
  • Edit depth (and automatic meter-feet conversion).
  • Save edited data sets.
  • Environmental borehole corrections for GR and FDC.
  • Crossplot curves.
  • Plot results of cross plot discriminants in log track.
  • Place curves in any track, in any order; create any presentation style.
  • Save style sheets. 

  • Price
    : $500 US. Price includes: LAS-DataSampler.

    Pierre Zippi
    7518 Twin Oaks Court
    Garland, Texas 75044

    email: paz@pazsoftware.com


  • Plot up to 10 columns of data (logs) in side-by-side tracks.
  • Numerous features enhance stratigraphic analysis of data.
  • Reads data directly from spreadsheets
  • Includes LAS-DataSampler to convert LAS data files of large ASCII files.
  • Features:
  • Plot types:
    1. X-Y line
    2. Bar charts
    3. Cumulative magnitude
    4. Crossplot curves
  • X-axes:
    1. Un-scaled arithmetic
    2. Normalized (arithmetic)
    3. LOG

  • Y-axes:
    1. Scaled to depth
    2. Sequential samples (for sequential samples without known scale)

  • Chart scaling:
    1. Full control over horizontal and vertical dimensions of chart
    2. Create very small or very large charts

  • 12000 rows by 10 columns:
    1. 10 X-categories (spreadsheet columns of data)
    2. 12000 Y-samples (spreadsheet rows of data)
    3. Note: sizes can be increased by special request.
  • Save charts as PICT file:
    1. PICT is compatible with nearly every Macintosh application.
    2. Elements of the chart are grouped for easy editing with graphics applications.
    3. Easily create montages in Canvas, Illustrator or your favorite graphics application.

  • Save edited data as text spreadsheet:
    1. TEXT is compatible with nearly every analytical application.
    2. Edited data and data subsets may be generated.
    3. Save merged curve data sets.

  • Save style sheets:
    1. Save all settings including lithology discriminant values.
    2. Re-apply chart styles to data sets.

  • Save horizons:
    1. Horizons may be interactively picked from the range chart.
    2. Horizons can be displayed and plotted
    3. Horizons may be saved to a file for incorporation into a database or other analyses.

  • Miscellaneous:
    1. Save separate color table files (assign colors to similar data sets)
    2. Horizontal gridlines spanning chart
    3. Variable symbol size and bar thickness
    4. Draw temporary lines and rectangle with the mouse
    5. On-line help screen
    6. Chart and data summary information display
    7. Add logos or inset maps to log header
    How to order
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