GeoRefGrabber 1.5 Conversion utility

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Converts GeoRefú references to tab-delimited TEXT files suitable for import to databases or mail merge.

This application converts GeoRef references saved as ASCII TEXT files to tab-delimited TEXT files.
The resulting tab-delimited text files may be used with databases or mail merge applications.
For large reference collections this utility is invaluable.

1) Save GeoRefú citations using the short CITN labels (Macintosh or PC).
2) Launch (or switch to) GeoRefGrabber (Macintosh).
3) Select Open from the File menu.
4) Open the GeoRef source file (the set of references you saved from GeoRef):
     This file must contain the short CITN labels:
     TI: (Title); AU: (Author); SO: (Source); PY: (Year); BK: (Book); PB: (Publisher).
5) Type in a file name for the converted file.

The converted data is saved as a tab-delimited TEXT file.
› standard reference format
› tab-delimited fields, paragraph delimited records, for easy entry into a database or mail merge.
› auto-convert GeoRef's upper case to proper case and title case.
› Reference format: Author[tab]year[tab]Title[tab]Journal name[tab]volume and pages[CR].

Once in a tab-delimited format, the references may be imported into a reference database.
Use a proven commercial spreadsheet or database application to sort and format the references.

Price: $100 US retail
System requirements: Macintosh
Other requirements: Access to GeoRefú database.

GeoRefú is a trademark of GeoRef, AGI.

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