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Diversity Calculator 4.5 for MacOS X

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Calculates ten diversity measures from spreadsheet data. 
Diversity calculator looks through each sample (row) of a spreadsheet and counts the species (columns) with non-zero entries. Ten measures of diversity are calculated: raw species present, ratio of species present to total, Simpson index and normalized Shannon-Wiener index, original Shannon-Wiener index, Margalef index, McIntosh index, Beerbower and Jordan index, Yule index, Abundance/Richness ratio, plus total abundance of all columns. 

For each sample (spreadsheet row) the result is:

  • Richness
  • Richness ratio
  • Simpson index
  • normalized Shannon-Wiener index
  • original Shannon-Wiener index
  • Margalef index
  • McIntosh index
  • Beerbower & Jordan index
  • Yule index
  • Abundance/Richness ratio
  • Total abundance
  • Calculates 10 diversity measures and total abundance. 
  • Save results as ratio (0 to 1), or as percent (0-100). 
  • Opens very large data sets.
  • Reads data directly from ASCII text spreadsheets. 
  • Saves data as ASCII text files (Mac,Windows, Unix, DOS). 
    Instructions: Open a tab-delimited TEXT spreadsheet, samples (rows) by species (columns). Select a name and folder for the diversity results. The results are saved as an Excel TEXT file.
    NOTE: The first column in the spreadsheet must contain sample labels (if not, insert a blank column before continuing). The first row must contain column labels (if not, insert a blank row before continuing). 
  • System requirements: Mac OS X (application for PPC or Intel Mac).
    Version 4.0 for Mac Classic is still available.

    Price: $100 US

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