DigitizePICT 1.0  for Mac OS only

© 1990-2000 Pierre A. Zippi. All rights reserved.

Digitize numeric data points from image documents

DigitizePICT 1.0 allows you to quickly digitize data points from graphic images,
especially useful for digitizing geologic logs.

Simple operation:
1) Copy a picture, or open a PICT formatted image file.
2) Set the 2 end-points for the y-axis and 2 end-points for the x-axis.
    The scale factor will be automatically calculated.
3) Click the mouse to digitize points.
4) Delete mistakes with the delete key.
5) Scroll or zoom in/out and still maintain proper digitizing scale
6) Save the digitized data to a cross-platform TEXT file.
    Data may be appended to a file.


  • Zoom in/out for precision digitizing when needed.
  • Y-value must increase for digitizing geologic logs or other sequential data
  • Auto-timer click: hold down mouse button, move the mouse and data is sampled at timed interval, or
  • Single data point per click
  • Delete mistakes
  • Append data to existing data file
  • Easy scaling
  • On-line help

  • Price: $150 US retail

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