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Data Reporter 3 for Mac OSX Intel & PPC Macs

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Create "presence only" lists of data from each row of a spreadsheet.

Use Data Reporter 3 to create lists of items present in each sample. The resulting lists are more suitable for incorporation into printed reports. Data Reporter reads spreadsheet data and saves a list of the non-zero categories and their values for each row of data.
A complete list of all category names for the entire spreadsheet is saved before the first sample is listed.

Output format:

Sample (row) name
Column1 name[tab](value)
Column2 name[tab](value)
Column3 name[tab](value)
ColumnN name[tab](value)
Species = N [tab]Total counts= (sum of values)
Example output:
Depth: 100cm
Abies sp. [tab] 34
Betula sp.[tab] 22
Carya sp. [tab] 12
Pinus sp. [tab]124
Species= 4[tab]Total counts= 172
Easy operation
Open a tab-delimited TEXT spreadsheet with samples as rows and categories (species) as columns. Select a name and folder for the list-style report. The report is saved as an Excel TEXT file, but it may be opened with just about any Macintosh application.
NOTE: The first column in the spreadsheet must contain sample labels. The first row must contain column labels (e.g. Input/output example). 

Opens very large data sets.
Calculates number of species and total counts for each row.
Reads data directly from ASCII text spreadsheets.
Saves data as ASCII text files that may be opened with Text or spreadsheet applications.

Output options:
Delimit with tabs (regular spreadsheet) or commas (CSV format).
Species listed first, or values listed first.

System requirements: Mac OSX and PPC or Intel Macintosh computer.

Price: $100 US

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