DataReporter 2.0

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Create "presence only" lists of data from each row of a spreadsheet.
Use DataReporter 2.0 to create lists of data in each sample, suitable for incorporation into printed reports. DataReporter 2.0 reads spreadsheet data and saves a list of the non-zero categories and their values for each row of data.
A complete list of all category names for the entire spreadsheet is saved before the first sample is listed. 

DataReporter 2.0 is a complete re-write and improvement of SpeciesReporter 1.0 that was distributed with Strat/RangeCharter 1.5. 

Output format:

Sample (row) name
Column1 name[tab](value)
Column2 name[tab](value)
Column3 name[tab](value)
ColumnN name[tab](value)
Species = N [tab]Total counts= (sum of values)
Example output:
Depth: 100cm
Abies sp. [tab] 34
Betula sp.[tab] 22
Carya sp. [tab] 12
Pinus sp. [tab]124
Species= 4[tab]Total counts= 172
Easy operation
Open a tab-delimited TEXT spreadsheet, samples (rows) by species (columns). Select a name and folder for the list-style report. The report is saved as an Excel TEXT file, but it may be opened with just about any Macintosh application.
NOTE: The first column in the spreadsheet must contain sample labels. The first row must contain column labels (e.g. Input/output example). 


  • Opens very large data sets.
  • Calculates number of species and total counts for each row.
  • Reads data directly from ASCII text spreadsheets.
  • Saves data as ASCII text files that may be opened with Text or spreadsheet applications.



    Output options:

  • Delimit with tabs (regular spreadsheet) or commas (CSV format).
  • Species listed first, or values listed first.



    Price: $35 US retail, if purchased separately. Included with WellPlot 2.0 software package.

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