Counter PC 1.0

©1988-1995 Pierre A. Zippi. All rights reserved.

Utilizes the computer keyboard as an expanded mechanical counter.
Counter PC 1.0 saves count data as tab-delimited ASCII TEXT files which can be opened with any spreadsheet, word processor or statistics package. Ninety categories are available for counting. Once a file is opened for counting, the keyboard emulates the buttons of a mechanical counter. Each time an active key is pressed, a count is added to that category, the total is incremented and a tone is generated. 
A different tone is generated when the total reaches a multiple of 100.
The number of counts per record is unlimited and the number of records is limited only by disk space. The counter is automatically reset after a record has been saved, or it can be reset by pressing a F-key. Erroneous counts can be subtracted from any key tally and the total by pressing a function key and then the key in error. 

 Counter PC has been purposefully kept simple. It will run on any IBM PC compatible, from a XT (80C88) running DOS v. 2.11 to a 486 running DOS 5.0. Keeping Counter PC simple minimizes the chances of a time-wasting loss of data. Coupled with an inexpensive portable PC, this product really makes sense. Two 5-button mechanical counters are likely to cost as much as Counter PC and an old Toshiba T-series portable computer. Or, resurrect that old XT...


  • Unlimited number of counts and records
  • 90 active counting categories
  • Subtract errors
  • Audible tone indicates each count
  • Audible tone indicates count interval reached (e.g. tone at 100 counts)
  • Labels for samples



    Platform: DOS
    Price: $100 US retail

    Pierre A. Zippi
    7518 Twin Oaks Court
    Garland, Texas 75044



    Check out Counter 3.0 for Macintosh computers.

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