Counter 4.5 – for Windows and MacOSX

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Utilizes the computer keyboard and mouse as an expanded differential counter.

Counter 4.5 is data acquisition and quality control software that emulates an expanded manual mechanical counter. Try the trial version free for 15 days. If you like it, send payment and a registration key will be emailed within 24 hour (holidays excepted). Keep in mind, the unlocked version has no limit on the number of samples or categories.

Count anything. Use it to do differential cell counts in a clinical laboratory. Existing users count: cells, pollen, spores, mold, algae, palynology, diatoms, blood cells, auto traffic, minerals, petrography, ASTM concrete specs, microfossils, foraminifera, nannofossils, radiolaria, conodonts, trees, plants, etc.

Counter can speak the category name as it is tallied. Users report that touch-typing with speech feedback allows a 4X increase in the number of samples counted.

Spreadsheet-like functions include:
Add, insert, and delete for both samples and categories;
Edit counts for any category in any sample at any time;
Edit any category name or sample name at any time.

Other functions:

Add or subtract counts by 1 or 10 counts per click;
Distinct audible sounds for add and subtract;
User defined Interval alert (audible tone);
Multiply counts above a cut-off (good for estimating the dominants while counting the rare and common).

Count data is saved as a tab-delimited text file with sample names occupying the first column, categories (species names) in the first row and count data in the intersecting matrix of cells. The data file may be opened with any spreadsheet, word processor, statistics or plotting application. Text files are saved as Excel text spreadsheets.

Counter features an unlimited number of counts and automatic totaling. Each time you click a category button or type a hotkey, Counter tallies a count for that category and speaks the category name. An audible tone may also be generated each time a count is tallied, and a distinct "alert" tone is generated each time the total tally reaches a multiple of the alert interval. Errors may be subtracted from any category tally (and the count total), simply, by switching to the subtract mode.

Multiple data files, each in its own window, may be open simultaneously. Windows may span across multiple monitors. Counter may be operated from a digitizing tablet, but most users find the ability to register counts by touching a key or clicking the screen negates the need for a tablet.

Counter 4.5 features:
Multiple Data Views:
- Data entry buttons (see Button view below)
- Scrolling clickable list (see List view below)
- Speech: audible feedback eliminates the need to look away from the subject

New features in Counter 4.5:
- Assign any hot key to a category (keys no longer in fixed alpha-numeric order)
- Change order of categories by dragging position in Category window
- Add a comment to a sample
- Find and highlight categories

- Multiply counts above a defined threshold (e.g. counts >1 x 2)
- Set counts for a specific category
- Adjust speech volume independednt of alert volume
- and much more...

Spreadsheet-like functions:
- Add, Insert, and Delete samples
- Add, Insert, and Delete categories
- Edit counts for any category in any sample at any time
- Edit category names or sample names at any time

Counting functions:
- Add or subtract counts to a category by click or hotkey
- Count interval can be 1 or 10 counts per click or hotkey
- Speaks the category name
- Distinct audible tone
- Automatic totaling
- Interval alert (audible tone at user defined count interval, e.g. 100 counts)
- Multiplier factor and cut-off
- Custom screen configuration
- Plus many more features

- Unlimited number of counts
- Unlimited number of categories and samples (memory)*
- Data saved as ASCII text file
- Data is ready for use in spreadsheet and statistics applications
- Data files ready for immediate plotting and analysis with WellPlot 4
*Caution: Only the most recent version of Excel is capable of opening files with more than 256 columns.

System requirements:
Macintosh OS X 10.3 or later (PPC or Intel Mac)
Windows 2000 or later (XP, Vista)
Linux version is available now.

Download 15-day limited* Trial version 4.5.4 (96) 8.23.2011
*limited to 10 samples by 10 categories; unlocked version is unlimited.
Download Mac Counter 4.5 installer
Download Windows Counter 4.5 setup

Single copy price: $150 USD.

Pay now with PayPal and receive your unlock key code within 24 business hours*.

Volume pricing / site licensing.
A license is required for each counting station (analyst and computer).

Number of
Price per
additional license
Total purchase price
Total upgrade price

Each additional license after 5 is $50 per license.
Each additional upgrade after 5 is $25 per license.
Call or email for site license terms.

Other payment options

Pierre A. Zippi
7518 Twin Oaks Court
Garland, Texas 75044


Mac screen shot of Button view below. Click button or press key to count.

Windows XP Pro screen shot of List view below. Click line item or press key to count.

Mac OSX screen shot of List view below:

Mac OSX screen shot of Button view with lots of categories below:

Coming soon in next version:
Histograms and data growth charts provide built in quality control that ensures the best
balance between statistical validity and the time taken to collect the data.
At any time during the data collection process, a histogram and a growth chart may be
displayed to monitor data development.

Counter 4.5 for Windows and MacOS X (PPC & Intel), and Linux on request.
Check out WellPlot 4 a Mac OS X application to plot many columns of data on the same chart.

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